In 2011 Petrom needed to extend the office spaces that they used in the Constanta harbor area, in a GF+3 Floor high office building. Petrom started to do a market research in Constanta, looking for rental office spaces, to fully fulfill Petrom standards in terms of office working environment. Starting from those requests, and after a detailed evaluation of offices spaces visited in Constanta, Petrom decided to rent 2 floors in the Club 'Portu' building, and thus had a first contact with Frisia Holdings.

Petrom found in the Club 'Portu' building, office spaces which were still under interior arrangement works, consequently it was very easy to implement the exact needs of Petom standards. Petrom found in Frisia Holdings representatives a very good support for implementing all Petrom requests in their new office building. Petrom was the first client in Club Portu building and had a very warm welcome and support from the owner of the building.

The negotiations with Frisia for the rental contract terms were developed at a very professional level, and in a short period of time, all clauses were validated by the both parties. According to the rental contract terms, Frisia respected the deadlines for the interior refurnishing works executed corresponding with Petrom requests and offered full support for Petrom intervention teams.

Starting from the first working day in Club Portu building, Petrom employees felt like home, having better condition and facilities that regular Petrom office standards. I appreciated a lot in Club 'Portu' building, the attention that the owner had paid for the details: decorations and innovative execution details.

If we must summarize in a new few words the collaboration with Frisia and Club 'Portu' building, I can say: professionalism, feeling good in negotiation, very correct partnership, fair communication, and very good building.

Alexandru Florescu

Head of Asset Project Manager


22 Delfinului Street, Room 3, Ground Floor
Constanta, 900389